Penny Robartes is a professional wildlife and cultural photographer, and worldwide photographic tour leader. Her images are easily recognised by her iconoclastic work that focuses on portraying her subjects essence, whereby creating a connection between the viewer to what is being portrayed.

Penny’s artistic vision and guidance is easily recognised by her peers, followers of her work, and most importantly, her guests who continue to learn under her deep observations and engaging manner. Her stunning creations breathe life into natural encounters with the deftness of an artist’s brushstroke as she seeks to capture the enthralling narratives of her subjects.

Whether it is a portrait of a Lion, Elephant interacting with one another, or Chinstrap Penguin watching her from a snowy slope in Antarctica, her images seek to express the inward significance of her subjects and not just the representation of the outward appearance.

Her portraits of elusive and endangered, to the every-day wildlife becomes all the more poignant through the artistic interpretation she brings to every one of her works. Each image is a work of art but also a moment of the wildlife subject’s unbridled rawness captured forever.

Africa Photo Tour

Continuing to promote awareness of the fragility of wildlife and their habitats, Penny regularly donates her fine art wildlife prints to initiatives aimed at supporting wildlife conservation and community development in Africa.

Penny has an undeniable hunger to seek, explore, and reveal the world’s famed as well as lesser known destinations and their wildlife and local cultures to, and with her guests. She photographs and leads multiple private and scheduled photo tours throughout the year, predominately to Southern and East Africa, India and Brazil. Having spent a combined 70-days as Photographer in Residence at luxury safari camps in both Tanzania and Kenya early in her career instilled a deep knowledge and love for these destinations that she now returns annually with guests.

Destinations travelled to and still frequented are Antarctica, India, various East and Southern African destinations, with remote destinations such as Kamchatka in Russia Far East under her belt. With her extensive travel and photo tour leading experiences, her knowledge on wildlife as well as photography, Penny is an undeniable force within wildlife, nature & cultural photography industry.