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Antartica – A Reality that was a Dream

  Going far back into history and historic accounts, it seems that we as a race, have long been wanderers. From desert landscapes to icy mountain slopes, from vast grasslands to thick forests, people have carved a life for themselves in every habitat on Earth. The need to discover new destinations, explore the unknown and […]

Scheduled Safari or Private: Which one is for you?

  Going on a Photo Safari and choosing which destination most suits your specific photographic needs is a very personal experience. It is a time where you connect with your surroundings, the wildlife and fauna that is iconic to that place. It is a time where you remove yourself from your daily life and routine […]

A Private Safari in Madikwe

There are some things in life that constantly makes you feel excited and further fuels your passion for it. I am in a fortunate position where my job offers me the platform to hone in on and explore this excitement and passion for the two mediums that bring me immense joy and pleasure in life; […]