Penny Robartes is a professional fine art wildlife photographer whose images are easily recognized by her iconoclastic work that is recalibrating the way the world sees wildlife.

Heralding from South Africa, Penny is one of Africa’s great wildlife photographers and her Tour Leading expertise and portfolio incorporates destinations throughout the globe. Her stunning creations breathe life into natural encounters with the deftness of an artist’s brushstrokes and the enthralling narrative of the best storytellers.

Her portraits of elusive and endangered, to the every-day wildlife becomes all the more poignant through the artistic interpretation she brings to every one of her works, with seemingly abstract compositions morphing graphically into poignant statements. Each image is a work of art but also a moment of the wildlife subject’s unbridled rawness captured forever.

Continuing to promote awareness of the fragility of wildlife and their habitats, Penny regularly donates her fine art wildlife prints to conservation initiatives in Africa. Her most updated contributions are with Prints for Wildlife and Prints for Pangos. She is also a contributing photographer for The New Big 5 worldwide initiative.

Penny leads dedicated wildlife & cultural photo tours both on a tailor-made basis, and scheduled group photo tours.

Penny is an expert Worldwide Photo Tour Leader. She has photographed and led multiple photo tours throughout Africa, predominately to Southern and East Africa. Supplementary to this, she has spent a combined 70-days as Photographer in Residence at luxury safari camps in both Tanzania and Kenya. Her passionate, friendly and relaxed manner enables her to connect with and inspire each of her guests as she assists them in capturing and exploring their own unique vision.

Penny has taken guests to Antarctica, India, various East and Southern African destinations, as well as to remote destinations such as Kamchatka in Russia Far East. With her extensive travels and guiding experiences, her knowledge on wildlife as well as photography, Penny is an attentive Photo Tour Leader and will ensure that you experience a deeper connection with the area and wildlife you travel to and photograph.

Semi-finalist in the prestigious BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards for 2017 & 2020!

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